Environment pollution by combustion

In the south of Chile there is a environmental problem due to the use of humid firewood. Incomplete combustion generates 50% more particulates smaller than 2.5 μm, very noxious to human health.

Certified firewood

The solution is consumption of certified dry firewood, with only 20% humidity and produced by sustentable cultivated trees.

Cooling of the Datacenter

Thanks to CORFO funding and our association with ecoleña, we designed and built a datacenter that cools itself with ambient air and uses the waste heat to dry the firewood.

Ecological datacenter.

Through innovation processes can be both ecologic and economic.
What are you waiting for? Use our machines and help clean the air in the south of Chile.

¿What is it and what is it useful for?

In InfoFractal we designed and patented a datacenter that can reutilize waste heat.
Firewood is the most used fuel in the south of Chile, sadly humid firewood causes pollution and health issues, making drying the firewood an essential process.

How does it work?

The system combines the thermoelectric effect with heat reutilization generated by the compute center, removing humidity from the hot air. Thanks to an association with Ecoleña in Valdivia, we coupled the compute center to their process to produce dry firewood.

What can it do?

We externalize your datacenter, serve applications and websites. Also we support use of our dedicated servers for parallel applications.

We have triphasic power supplies and diesel generators for any emergency Uptime 99.9%


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